Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Blog changes

Firstly, call me an insane man. But gooddie! we had our first comment. Call me insane or whatever, I really don't care, it made my day (Hint, hint :P).

Secondly I worked on the lay-out of the blog. The difference should be notable if you saw the blog before the change (If you did, please tell us what you think thus far). Quite some of the changes were inspired by some hints I found on Blog Azeroth wich I find extremely helpfull and highly recommend to all who think of blogging (though chances are you already know of it. And I'm very pleased with the results although there are some things I'm not completely satisfied with.

Firstly the header, I made it myself, which is the prime reason for it's less then impressive look (working on something else (and meanwhile learning to work The Gimp):P). And somehow it still sticks outside it's box on the right side (we ticked the "Shrink to fit" box, we swears).

And then there is the suggestion of a blog search that is MIA at the moment. Although not yet very useful at the moment (I mean this is the third post, nothing to search yet). But if I keep to my current post a day rate it might be usefull. Point is I can't find one (I'm looking though but any and all hints would be very much appreciated).

But apart from those points I'm quite happy with the results at this time. :D

Anyhow, for those who can't see or find all changes here's a list:

-A new (well updated anyway) Header
-A new Template (standerdized, I'm no code wizz)
-An email me options
-A link to Vispilio's Armory profile (for checking his progress in between posts)
-Made wowhead item pop-up link thingies work. (We made code stuff work, go us! Looksie!)
-Got ourselfs a Creative Commens License ( Check it out here)
-Got a traffic tracker (More code stuff)
-Made commenting easier (No registration needed, no caphta (or whatever). So no excuse to not comment)

To Do list:

-Write a decent "About Me" section (I'm my least favorite subject)
-Get a pretty (awesome) header
-Get a blog only search engine

I think that's it. Let me know what you think.

Pretty Please?


Woohoo :p, I made the first mile(yard?)stone for my rogue. Level 10 has been achieved. Which means two equally important things.

-1. We created another armory entry :D . If one would like to see the sheer awesomeness that is Vispilio. Check here: (at least that's where our awesomeness should be once blizz updates.)

-2. Equally, if not more major is of course the fourth line of the screenie. (Four those to lazy to check, those who cant count, and all other interested parties: "You have gained 1 talent point.") Which is of course the start of real rogueness (I hereby foreclaim that a word if it isn't yet) but it's also the point where I really have to look into what the traditional rogue levelling spec is. After some research i've found combat seems to be it :P. So swords is the way to go.

In any case, I very much like the rogue thus far. Gouge feels quite cool, and although it's a gimmicky skill, I have a lot of fun picking the pockets of mobs I come across. And although I love being stealthed it does bring another issue, I can stealth to a boss without being seen, but I cannot attack him without getting attacked by other mobs as well. But that's a bit of a luxery issue I dont mind dealing with.

The combo point system is cool and works well (it feels powerfull to get a skill with full combo point knock of a hell of a lot of health). Honestly, I feel there's one issue with rogues that I find quite hard to get used to. Energy. For someone who's always had enough mana to kill something without having to wait, the energy ticks are frustrating at times. (Hearing 'Not enough energy' over and over again gets frustrating). But so far I have fun.

So, here's to 10 more levels :P.

Monday, 18 August 2008

A new adventure starts

With Wrath of the Lich king now on the horizon, and virtually no play time during regular raid hours I've decided to try a new adventure on for size. Ever since the first MMORPG I played (the amazing (<-Sarcasm) Conquer Online), I've shunned away from pk/pvp as much as possible. And my WoW chars are on carebear realms.

But since while playing on those realms, I've done some world pvp (Nagrand/Halaa) and some PvP on battlegrounds, and I've even tried my hand at the Arena varient. And I've found I enjoy the feeling of winning in PvP (in my mind winning currently equals killing an opponent of similar level :P).

So, I've decided to overwhelm myself in the full extent of pvp and roll a character on a PvP server. Since I'm planning on focussing primarily on PvP with this char I've decided to roll the current king of PvP, a Rogue.

Which also means I'll be playing a class I know very little about except for the fact that they own my current (Warlock) main every time I come across them. So there's a second new experience for me.

And to go for a fully new experience I should really roll a horde toon now, as my main and all my significant alts are allience characters. However that fact also means that just about all of my chars get their asses handed to them in PvP situations. So I've got a bit of a personal vengeance against the Horde at this point (the faction, not the players). And have decided to roll the race most disliked by horde (and coincedentely most liked by me), a GNOME.

I'll be the target of all gankers and griefers I'll come across, but what the hell. If I'm going pvp I might as well enjoy (or at least experience) all it has to offer. Thus Vispilio (according to some site I found it means Robber in Latin) the gnome Rogue was born. (I'm actually writing this article before that is actually the case, but seeing there are only four characters with that name on European realms at the moment I'm sure I can find one that makes me able to create that char).

I plan on portraying the adventures of my new char here mostly, with at times my opinion on all sorts of WoW topics thrown in when I feel passionate about something (shouldn't happen too much :P)

The name of this blog is kinda under the assumptions that my Rogue is a criminal, and being a gnome as well he'll be quite literally be a small evil. (And why a male? Well, let's just say I'm sexually insecure or something, that should keep people happy)